Monday, 12 March 2012

Beliefs Shouldn't Lead to Differences that Cause War or Should they?

Searching the internet yesterday , I came across something called “Islamic terrorism”, I didn’t understand what that meant , so I Googled it , I found a Wikipedia page on it this is what it said “Islamic terrorism is a form of religious terrorism committed by Muslims for the purpose of achieving varying political and/or religious ends.” In curiosity I typed in the search bar “religious terrorism”, and I came across the terms “Jewish terrorism” , “Christian terrorism” and “Hindu terrorism”. It was out of my understanding , how people with any of these religions could make such terms and include them in the vocabulary of people.
How can the religion Islam , which stands for peace have something called “Islamic terrorism” as a part of it belief, the last prophet of the Islamic faith and history is Prophet Muhammed (p.b.u.h) he never opted for war , and the misconception of jihad is wide spread .Going around killing innocent men and then commiting suicide itsnt jihad , jihad means  “a constant struggle to preserve one's faith and defend the rights to freedom of worship.”. think about it this way if anyone was to finish your belief of from the surface of the earth would you not take the steps to protect it.What people these days do is blow themselves up in the middle of market places , killing innocent women and children with them for example on the morning of September 19th a suicidal blast occurred near my school , takeing the life of a child and many innocent MUSLIM policemen. How is this jihad ?, this is terrorism , and what proof I there that the bomber was a Muslim.
How can the Ku Klux Klan or KKK , be a Christian organization when they went around killing black men and women because of their racist cognition , when the commandments which are the basic rules an ethics set for Christians says that “Thou shalt not kill” . This wasn’t Christianity because it was against the Christian fundamentals, it was against the belief. The KKK thought that what they were doing was right, and it was what god wanted, which religions God wants to see death tolls increase. How can Hitler be a Christian, when he stacked up dead bodies and burnt them, how can one accept that he was human , when he was killing his own race.
In Judaism’s 13 Principles of Faith the 11th principle is “I believe with perfect faith that the Creator, Blessed be His Name, rewards those who keep His commandments and punishes those that transgress them.” , if this is true ,which we all know it is then im sure God hasn’t asked his men to kill and murder. Can we deny the facts that no man who calls himself a Jew has ever killed or murdered.
We can’t deny the fact that no man who has ever killed has never said that that he was a part of any 3 beliefs, any murderer could say that he I a Muslim or Jew or Christian, but are they really, because being a Muslim means to promote peace, but war isn’t peace neither is bombing, are they Christian because no learned priest ever says to advocate annihilation and neither does any Rabbi. Not any that I have heard of, Im sure none of us have. Then why do we fight? Why are mulims labeled as terrorists? Im not saying this as a mulim im saying  this as a human, who wants war to end ,who doesn’t . Even the most negative of people want it to end deep down , we all do.
The only reason I typed all this is to clear the fact in everyone mind is that no mean or women who kills ,murder or instigate hatred and war among humans is belonging to these faiths or any other, and if you give me an example of an atheist then remember that they are also human , and no person who kills can ever be human because no one can go against their won race, but be clear that there is a difference between fighting for a cause that benefit us all. And by all I mean the entire world’s population. J
Zainab Sadia Saeed

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